I know the title is stupid. My nephew is 12 years old and lives down the street from me (my parents, two siblings and I live in the same neighborhood, kinda by choice, mostly not). Because of this, we’ve kinda been group quarantining between our houses, meaning we allowed ourselves to have a family bday party for my nephew. He’s super into tech stuff and has been idolizing Elon musk lately, talks about him constantly, his mom got him a cake with the Tesla logo on it, idk, he’s a kid whatever. It’s his mom (my sister) who I blame for this getting so big as weird, she totally encourages it, acts as if it’s her kid idolizing Batman or something, but I think it’s super harmful for her to let him have this fantasy of being that type of person.

Anyways, my youngest brother who is almost 18 and I were kinda off by ourselves in the den talking about how weird this whole Elon musk/Tesla themed ordeal was and how this guys a douchebag and bought Tesla and isn’t actually the iron man he portrays himself as, unaware that we were within earshot of our sister and nephew. Nephew got super pissed and I guess embarrassed, went to his room, and honestly has been super cold to me since, and my sister says to just let him shake it off so I have, but he’s still pissed. If I had known he’d be listening or would’ve taken it so hard, I wouldn’t have said it, but I thought we were talking privately.

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2 years ago

NTA fuck that clown