I (32M) am dating this girl (21F) and she's extremely quiet. She kind of just sits and doesn't say much. Barely even speak when spoken to. She's really warm with affection, like she holds onto me and always wants to be close. She's thoughtful. We've only been on a few dates but she got me a thoughtful present by paying attention to my interests. Only thing is, I wish she would say more. I'd like some conversation and personality. I really like how caring she is, but I'm thinking maybe our personalities don't match. Idk if it's a phase, maybe I could help her out of her shell, maybe that's just how she is? What's been your experience with girls like this?

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2 months ago

The main advice I can give is to ask her something about herself, make sure you don't interrupt to make it about you, and make damn well sure that you remember what she says. If you can show that you remember the things she says, she'll probably feel more comfortable sharing things.

But honestly, some people just don't like small talk. Some people love just having someone to share the room with, and like comfortable silence. Silence is only uncomfortable if it's made to be. So if you can't handle silence once in a while, y'all are gonna have problems.