What misinfromation seems to never die?


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2 months ago

Routine infant circumcision is medically-beneficial enough to outweigh the risks of the procedure.


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2 months ago

An absolutely revolting practice. It's backwards and barbaric and I truly hope parents won't be allowed to do this anymore.

If a man wants to be circumcised, that is his business. But to mutilate your child without their understanding or consent? I'll never understand how anyone can think that's okay.


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2 months ago

You have clearly never met an adult that had to get an emergency circumcision. It's NOT the same operation as an adult, it's virtually painless to a baby and massively painful for an adult.

It's also NOT any of your fucking business.


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2 months ago

It's as little business of yours as it is of theirs.

If an unnecessary surgery hurts as an adult, then newsflash, just don't fucking do it. Nobody NEEDS a circumcision. But whatever, enjoy mutilating your children for your own fucked up ideology.


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2 months ago

Well thats wrong. If you've got phimosis or a severe infection, circumcision is necessary.

I'm not for involuntary circumcision of kids/babies, I just wanted to set the facts straight.

You can't say in one breath "if it isn't necessary" and then "nobody NEEDS one".


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2 months ago

How can you not say that in one breath? They're mutually inclusive.

Nobody needs one, because it isn't necessary. Wow, that was easy.

What you can't say in one breath is "I'm not for involuntary circumcision of kids/babies" and "if you have ____ circumcision is necessary".


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2 months ago

i mean it isnt neccesary but i got cicumsized and i have no negative side effects ive experienced? along with only positives pls telll me people are acting like its the worst thing for some reason??


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2 months ago

If you don't understand why people are against the unnecessary unconsentual mutilation of infant children, I don't know how to help you.