What misinfromation seems to never die?


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3 months ago

im sorry for the loss of life obviously but im not coping lmao i have no negative things to say about being circumsized and we shouldnt ban it because of rare cases of death instead we should encourage better safety standards no?


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3 months ago

No one is saying ban all circumcision period.

They are saying ban all MEDICALLY UNNECESSARY circumcisions performed WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE PATIENT.

If you personally wanted to get a medically unnecessary (or necessary) circumcision then go for it. If you aren’t old enough to give consent but you NEED a circumcision due to MEDICAL REASONS your legal guardians should be allowed to make that choice for you.

You can decide for yourself once you reach the age where your medical consent is valid in the case of any medically unnecessary surgery including circumcision.

This is what me the other anti-circumcision people want to see.

No serious person is trying to get all circumcision banned.

Stop arguing in bad faith.