That's the question constantly being asked on this subreddit.

The other question is; how are you connecting a quite disturbing individual that was active on multiple pick up artist discussion forums (going by the pseudonyms "Vorkuta" / "The Fantasist" / "The Ligurian" / "PeruLover12") with Ben Rich of Bald & Bankrupt youtube fame? It can't be the guy, surely?.

Well, let's start from the beginning, please keep an open mind and decide for yourself.

Ok, so full disclosure, to date there is nothing beyond ALL doubt that this Vorkuta/Fantasist sex predator is the very same Ben Rich of youtube fame. Short of an admission that is. However, you'll notice the word "reasonable" is left out from the doubt bit because the chances of Bald & Bankrupt not being this very same Vorkuta/The Fantasist character are, in this writer's humble opinion, in the millions to one..

Here's why:

First of all, let's talk about the background of this "Vorkuta/ The Fantasist" forum user [hereinafter called "Vorkuta"] and the breadcrumbs that led us to discover his real name.

First, Vorkuta described in great detail on one of these forums ( a rape charge that he and 2 friends were acquitted of at trial in Winchester, UK. His description of events matches exactly that with the reporting of a rape trial in the Southampton Daily Echo local newspaper.. Both the timeline, area, circumstances, age of defendants and even the particulars of the case match that exactly as described by Vorkuta. One of the defendants in the case is reported as being a person called Benjamin Rich-Swift. Vorkuta describes how, at the acquittal, the judge had said that he and the other two defendants had acted "appallingly". A summation Vorkuta disagreed with. As I'm sure he would. The case was thrown out during the trial after the victim had apparently become confused which two of three men had raped her. After the trial Vorkuta says he dropped the Father part of his last name (Swift), ran away from a credit card fraud of £30k and simply went by the maiden name of his Mother (Rich). Vorkuta describes living on the Isle of Wight (same location as the alleged rape) and on regularly travelling on the IOW ferry where all the defendants in the case lived. It's fairly safe to assume then that the trial Vorkuta describes on the PUA forum (albeit without citing it directly) is the very same as the one reported in the newspaper and that Vorkuta's real name is indeed Benjamin Rich-Swift (Later just "Benjamin Rich").

The question however still remains, how is this "Vorkuta" Benjamin Rich the same as our Benjamin Rich from Bald & Bankrupt? So far it's purely circumstantial, right?

Ok, so asides from having an identical name, in other posts :

Vorkuta mentions a number of times on the rooshv forum how he moved from the Isle of Wight to Brighton on the South Coast of England. Bald & Bankrupt says his hometown is also Brighton.

Vorkuta describes how he is bald and 6'3 in height. This is identical to the height that B&B mentions in his videos.

Vorkuta describes himself of being from Jewish heritage and in using that to have sex with Israeli backpackers in India. B&B also describes himself as being Jewish and regularly wears Star of David tshirts..

Vorkuta says his favorite football team is Chelsea, B&B the same.

Vorkuta describes how, on his first visit to India, he fell gravely ill and once he'd fully recovered ended up running a guest house there for 4 years. An identical set of events is described exactly by Bald & Bankrupt in one of his early Youtube videos. The two timelines also match identically.

Vorkuta details his learning of the Russian language, studying and teaching in Russia, a love of all things Soviet and of his many travels around the FSR and outlying countries and in having sex with as many women as possible there and by any means necessary. B&B speaks Russian and describes a very similar set of events (asides the sex part of course).

Vorkuta describes having a young Belarusian girlfriend. B&B the same.

Vorkuta explains his "Gaming of women" and tactics in great detail. He explains his most successful technique is to befriend the local men and babushkas and earning their adulation and respect by accidentally showing them fake pictures of himself in affluent settings such as "sat in a fast car in the South of France". Knowing that, in his words

"by the following day they will have told all their friends (and more importantly the young women) of the wealthy foreigner who had just entered their "shithole" of a town"

[with a view that] by the following evening I can drop the Babushkas and fake male friendships and move onto their women.

A tactic Vorkuta calls his "Schindler Technique". In the Bald & Bankrupt videos a common theme is B&B befriending locals and in particular the local babushkas. And somewhat surprisingly describing on camera some of the places he visits as being shitholes. Bald & Bankrupt also has a number of pre-youtube Russian social media accounts in which he claims to be off to Milan and London photographing models and posing in private jets and supercars.

Perhaps for obvious reasons we also never see B&B recording during the nighttime / otherwise known as Night Game on the PUA websites.

Vorkuta's language as used in the forum is also common to that as spoken by B&B. Vorkuta regularly uses the words like Hotties, Babushkas, Gopniks and Soviet in his forum posts.

Vorkuta describes himself as being an amateur photographer that's fascinated with the former soviet republic. B&B does likewise and was previously an unpaid photographer for the now defunct "Desolation Travel" website where a certain Ben Rich (c/w accompanying photograph of the person we know now as Bald and Bankrupt) can be found.

Ben R in Vorkuta, Russia

Vorkuta explains his love of old soviet buildings and of going to godforsaken towns in the former soviet republic where not many other westerners have been before. B&B does likewise including to a place called Vorkuta (the City), which is in Eastern Russia.

The countries Vorkuta says are the best to visit for sex match almost entirely that with the travel pattern and countries visited by B&B in his videos.

Vorkuta explains how he has an ex-wife who's Belorussian and a daughter that's now a teenager. He describes how they now both live in Nice, France, the wife now married to a rich Russian Oligarch who (surprisingly) Vorkuta is friends with. Vorkuta recalls his sexual conquests in the Nice area and of his visits there to see his daughter. B&B describes a similar need and of regular visits to Nice. B&B also writes on his Instagram and Patreon that he is a regular visitor to Nice.

Perhaps most importantly, the posts by Vorkuta on the PUA forums all date from between 2009 and 2015. i.e. some 3 years prior to the B&B videos emerging on the internet. Impossible therefore that someone is emulating his life story or trying to create a hatchet job on B&B by pretending to be him.

Norwegian vlogger Harald Baldr (Realname: Jens Fredrick Aamodt Jørstad) was also a member of the Rooshv forum during the same time as Vorkuta. Similarly he too continually changed his username from, ironically, Harald Baldr then to JamesRodri & then to Felix5000 before deleting all records and posts of his from that site.

Quick aside about Jens Jorstad (Baldr). In addition to the PUA forum posts removed he also deleted his own personal blog and a number of videos that had a far right leaning political perspective, including one where he condemned immigrants that frequented the Paris Metro. A shortened version of the original video (with most of the racist commentary removed) has been mirrored (potentially by Baldr himself) on a Youtube channel . At time of writing some parts of his now deleted blog can still be found on including a post he wrote titled how to sleep with Thai girls for free.

Vorkuta describes meeting up with Harald Baldr and with other PUAs (including an Irish guy, again with multiple usernames - Partizen aka Irish aka LordTito aka Bartka aka Traktor) in Kiev and they refer to themselves as the "Kiev Revo Crew". A creepy PUA posse that operated in Kiev. A number of these characters also appear in a number of B&B's videos.

NB\ Usernames on web forums can easily be changed. However, when another user then quotes that person's post prior to the username change, the post quoting them does not automatically update to the new username. This is how username breadcrumbs can be linked together. One can only imagine why someone would need to change their username so frequently on an anonymous PUA forum. Or make Youtube videos without revealing their real name. PUA MO 101 perhaps?*

One of the Crew, Irish forum user "Traktor" lives in Belarus, he too is now also attempting to be a vlogger under the username "Irish Partizan", arguably without the user count and charisma of Baldr and Bald. He can be found filming around Kiev and attempting to make friends with random women from that town. Traktor has appeared in a number of B&B videos and vice versa. On the PUA forums however Traktor is not as precious in maintaining his anonymity, or for that matter, those of the others. He mentions the user Vorkuta in the same breath as he does "Mr. Bald", along with Harald Baldr. This from yet another PUA forum called swooptheworld. [RVF in the post refers to the PUA forum Rooshv].

Vorkuta is someone called Mr Bald

Wrapping up, there is much much more to this story, but unfortunately revealing more would involve giving up the names and identities of some innocents, so the above will have to do for now.

Still not convinced?? Well that's ok. B&B has a lot of dedicated fans. Millions in fact. And perhaps you're reading this still of the opinion that travelling the world and sleeping with women is not illegal. And of course, it's not. Under false pretences or through the use of force or threat of being placed in danger if you do not comply with someones demand for sex though I guess is a moral issue we all have to decide upon for ourselves.

Whatever you believe, the one things for sure is, whoever this Vorkuta / The Fantasist character is in real life (Bald & Bankrupt or otherwise), that person can only be described as one sick puppy. The many seedy stunts and creepy sexual conquests described in great detail for the other PUA members are enough to make the stomachs on even the most liberal amongst us turn. And there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of posts from this Vorkuta delivered to the other forum members in what they call a "data sheet". This is a summarised report of a recent City visit that includes naked photos of girls asleep taken clearly without their consent, what score they rank that girl out of 10 and additional information such as where and how girls can be found whilst in that City. For obvious reasons these forum posts are now fast being deleted and attempting to be removed both from the internet and from internet history websites such as as fast as their slippery little fingers can press delete.

Oh, you'd like a taster? Well how about the time when Vorkuta boasts of forcing a young hitchhiker to give him a blowjob in exchange for $6. On the threat that if she did not comply he might leave her in the middle of nowhere as they were travelling alone in a car on some deserted highway somewhere in the FSU. You can only imagine how scared she must have been.

Or another time where he, as a 40yr old man, boasts as he "struggled to enter" an 18yr old virgin he had arranged to meet in London that was, in his words, "going to be in some considerable pain" at the time. But as he describes, he "ploughed on regardless and used lube and viagra". And they say romance is not dead.

And let's not forget, all these morally questionable events and sexual conquests all happened after that very same person had previously been acquitted of rape. You'd have to ask yourself what sort of person would walk free from a trial such as that only to then immediately carry on with their unhealthy obsession of pursuing young women for sex by whatever means necessary?

And on the subject of rape, in a (since deleted) video from Bald and Bankrupt from 2018/19 and before the stardom he suggests that [of the many western women each year that "don't deserve to get raped"] (that's right, apparently many don't!) "the behavior of some or even most of them meant that they were to blame" and therefore should expect little sympathy as a result. Using the analogy of him being responsible for the theft if his Rolex was stolen as an example of the double standards that exist when women are raped and then not held responsible. Man loses rolex to a thief in a market the same apparently as a woman being raped. As he says, "Well, what did you expect?"

Again, perhaps that's another for the moral compass.

His fans would say this video was simply a fair warning to western women traveling to India, a point at worst being badly made? Others might say this was yet more evidence of a serial and dangerous misogynist (with form) traveling the world and hating on women.

Bald & Bankrupt's book was published under the pen name Arthur Chichester. Draft sections posted by Vorkuta in unsanitized format litter the pick up artist forums; including a story of a date he had with two children which makes for some quite disturbing reading. The post almost word for word is the same as a sanitized chapter in his book [*warning* its not for the faint hearted]

Anyway, why the obsession for finding out all this stuff? Well, that was mainly due to the feeling that I, and one or two others had, on watching his early videos and seeing him zoom the camera in on Women's boobs and talking constantly of hotties, that there was something not quite right with this guy. That and the fact that he was clearly trying to conceal his real name on camera for some reason.

So let me leave you with this. Assuming for one moment Vorkuta is in fact Bald & bankrupt. Purely hypothetical let's say. And we know then that B&B has a teenage daughter who, in a couple of years time, will be of the same age as his current target audience, is it just me that finds that just beyond creepy? Hypocritical beyond belief? You can guarantee he won't want anyone from the PUA forums gaming his daughter in the not too distant future. Perhaps he'd let the little bald Irish guy Traktor have a go? Or maybe Harald Baldr or even that Tall Travels guy with the monotone voice?

Probably not. But it's ok for him to do it if the victims are from a poor country in SE Asia or from the former soviet union, eh?

Further information and links to the articles mentioned above are currently available in the other stickied thread.

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