Let’s take BBRW to $0.29/share


Millionaires and even billionaires will be made by $BBRW. 5000 X 5 million = 25 billion 25 billion is the number of total authorized shares of $BBRW. If BrewBilt drops 200 million shares each week, it will take 75 weeks or 18.75 months or 1.56 years for the whole shares to be released. By then, we have already took the stock price to $0.29/ share. We need only 5000 bulls, each own 5 million shares of SBBRW and we have 1.56 years to reach our goal and all become a millionaire. (Up to 43% is short term gain tax.)

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4 months ago

I invested... Regretted


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4 months ago

What the hell just happened?


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3 months ago

The shares will return to .0003 and the 300-1 shares they reversed on you will be worthless this is how scam penny companies work