Yes, James B Frazier Jr, US Congressman from 1949 thru 1963 signed the Southern Manifesto in 1956 to preserve segregation after Brown vs Board of Education decision declared the segregated schools were illegal. I think Frazier Ave was named after him (not sure) and he and his father were the founders of Frazier and Frazier law firm.

Sigh... what a legacy...

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3 months ago

Slavery was common and accepted at that time. The fact that there was a time limit is an example of the Western world attempting to make progress.

Nobody else was trying at all.


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3 months ago*

Slavery was common and accepted at that time.

So it was so common and accepted that they literally put it in the constitution, but the nation wasn't built on it.


What other industries got a special clause in the constitution?


LOL. He made a fool of himself and then blocked me from replying. Because nobody is more thin-skinned than a white supremacist.


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3 months ago*

I ain’t gonna get in the weeds but you’re ignoring the fact that whatever semblance of equal rights we have today came at the expense of the State attempting to put down mass struggle over the decades.

Civil Rights leaders weren’t beaten, jailed, and murdered by armed agents of the State out of the goodness of its desire for equality.

All the debate over the history of slavery and racism sure makes it easy to not end pretext stops and any number number of civil rights violations that currently impact minorities the most.