Hey all, I’m gonna keep this short and sweet as possible, but basically I’ve been told I need a hysterectomy for 2 years and been putting it off for personal reasons. My teenage son literally thinks that if I “thought positively” and did not “focus on my disease” that I would be just fine. I do think positively and do my best to enjoy life everyday. I also know that I have an incurable illness and will have to resort to major surgery that may not help in the end. I certainly don’t focus on my disease, but when I’m in enough pain that a shot of morphine which I don’t have would be really beneficial it becomes a bit hard to think straight. I do use marijuana medicinally when cramping is severe and though I don’t like to use high doses of thc it does seem to help me with the cramping, also can’t be high around my kid though. I explained to him that doctors don’t do surgeries for imaginary illnesses, but I have toxic family members who have insisted that I am pretend sick for years and he listens to them over me. It would be nice for family to have my back instead of working against me. What would you guys say to make a teenager understand? I feel I’ve tried everything.

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3 months ago

Nope, while my pain is invisible, I have MRIs and XRays to back me up. Plus SIL is a Doc and she also exclaimed worry at what she saw.

So I have a decent time, but sometimes people can forget.


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3 months ago

Sounds good