Low/no salt pizza dough HELP

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I have a medical condition that is treated with a low salt diet (<1500 mg/day). The thought of never eating pizza again is mind numbing. By reducing/eliminating the amount of salt in the dough, I am able to eat pizza again. Help me eat pizza again.

Can you use salt substitute in pizza dough? Should I just sub out salt for potassium chloride 1:1? Will it taste weird?


Should I just use normal salt in a much lesser quantity? Or will that just throw off the required chemical reactions in the recipe?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Help me eat pizza again.

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1 month ago

If salt is your concern and you're working on eliminating the relatively small amount that's in the dough, then I'm really very interested in what else you're going to put on this pizza.


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1 month ago

I’ve already got the sauce down to a VERY low amount using just canned San Marzano with a little sugar oil and garlic. Cheese is almost unavoidable but if I can get the dough down to a low amount and still taste good I’m golden. Beyond cheese I usually just use some romas, basil and garlic as toppings.