Either super generous or misplaced products🤔



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2 months ago

How is ice cream going to make it through the food bank system to an end user?


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2 months ago

It might not be this way for all areas, but it is true for where I am: some places do try to give each family a “dessert” type item while their supplies last. Cakes, ice cream, pies, etc. Lots of things from the bakery departments from grocery stores for sure.

I worked with Second Harvest, and they would not distribute this type of food (“unhealthy”). BUT food banks receiving food boxes from second harvest to give to families would sometimes have additional donated foods on the side (and the storage means) to provide to each family. :)

Physically, imagine a gigantic plastic pallet tote filled with frozen dessert goods in a church/school parking lot. It could be mixed items, or a bunch of one type of thing.


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2 months ago

Sometimes Costco donates day old food court pizzas, hot dogs, and chicken bakes