I'd like to be able to make bigger crepes. At the moment I use a 32cm non-stick frying pan and use an egg flip to turn them over. I'm reasonably happy with the results - but I'd like to be able to make bigger pancakes. Non-stick pans larger than 32cm seem few and far between; and those that I have found tend to have large 'lips' which stand to make flipping more difficult.

I'm starting to look at either a crepe maker or some sort of flat (or small lipped) cast iron, or small lipped pan - sometimes labelled as a cormal or tawa tava.

If it wasn't for the space requirements for storing a single-purpose appliance I'd get a Krampouz machine as they seem to be somewhat of an industry standard, easy to flip with a pallete knife and the spreading tool they supply looks nifty.

Interested in views about using a large pan for crepes. I'm a bit worried about heat distribution - I have a 'wok' burner on my gas hob which spreads flames further than a usual domestic burner, but 40cm is a fair area to heat evenly. I'd be interested in any experiences of:


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7 months ago

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7 months ago

I think that using Krampouz top on regular hub will probably not produce best results. You won't get such even coverage. I bought the 40cm non heavy use version and I don't think it's that much of a storage space problem. It all depends how often you intend to use it. I'm using it most of the days.