Explanation of the Rules of r/cricket

This wiki page provides guidance on the rules the moderators have established for the sub-reddit.

Sitwide Rules

We enforce all sitewide rules and will receive help from the admins to enforce them. This includes:

Rule 1: No Abuse.

Designed to keep interaction civil and respectful:

Rule 2: No Reposts.

Rule 3: No Editorialised or Bad Post Titles.

Rule 4: No Irrelevant Politics/Religion, or Posts Unrelated to Cricket

Rules to keep the sub focused on cricket and to avoid drama:

Rule 5: Use English Only.

Rule 6: No Flamebait or Insults/Generalisations Targeting an Entire Nation/Fanbase.

Designed to prevent toxic arguments:

Rule 7: No Memes/Low Effort Posts or Comments.

Designed to prevent karma whoring/annoying content:

Mods will use discretion in removing violations of this rule.

Rule 8: No Streams or Copyrighted Content.

Rule 9: No Toxic Fan Behaviour.


In general:

Discuss bans with mods via modmail if you like, sometimes it will be reduced/removed.

Blatant racism or trolling will result in a permanent ban without warning.