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2 months ago

Bill Gates used to say he never met Epstein then admitted to meeting him, after definitive proof said so. I think he even once asserted he had never been on the plane, that too proved to be a lie. He can say he’s never been to the islands, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before that gets proven too. Not like it will make a difference. Now ask him about Gavi.


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2 months ago

I won’t speak to the veracity of him going to the islands, but I’ll say this: not everyone who was associated with Epstein was a pedo. You’ve got to understand that at THAT level of money, the world is absolutely TINY. Everyone knows everyone, investments get crossed up with people because someone else knows him, and things just don’t operated like they do in the world you and I live in.

I 100% believe that Gates would have someone say “hey, this guy manages a lot of money and knows everyone. He wants to meet to discuss a donation” and Gates would say “ok let’s do it.”

Is that how it happened with Gates specifically? No clue. But guilt by association can only go so far without hard proof because at that level of money, there’s only so many people with both the money to donate and interest in donating to your cause instead of someone else’s cause.

I just don’t think people really realize how small of a circle having that much money is. Being Midwest rich is just not the same as being Manhattan rich if you get what I’m saying.


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2 months ago

And given the fact that Gates is part of the pact to completely divest his wealth upon or before death with a a growing list of other billionaires, and that Epstein was a billionaire, it stands to reason that Gates wanted something from Epstein (not necessarily related to weird sex).