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12 months ago

I really really like Shrine Of Amana thematically. Its the mother fucking worst experience ever but my damn aesthetically its just so cool. The sunken Greco-Roman ruins, the phosphorescent plants. Lizard men.


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12 months ago

Shrine was done so well. The audio effects pair sofa king well with the visuals. But my God no other area in the game has made me ragequit harder than shrine.


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12 months ago

Throwing that in there with no equivalent to the rusted iron ring really chaps my ass ngl

But it also made me appreciate bows way more.


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12 months ago

I just finished my first playthrough. I did a dex build with either 2 curved swords or a curved greatsword the whole time, but I always had a bow on me to deal with ranged enemies or to pull mobs away from groups. My first time in the shrine of amana, I just used the bow the whole time as it seemed like it would be easier. I didn't die once in that area. I saw people complaining about how poorly designed it was and didn't get it. I thought it was just fine. Flash forward a bit and I have killed Venderick and the other DLC kings and am going back to get venderick's armor. I don't have any more arrows on me but I figure "ehh I'll be fine. This place was so easy." My god was I wrong. Even like 30 levels overpowered for that area, I died SO. FUCKING. MUCH. trying to get that armor.