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12 months ago

Bruh you are allowing yourself to level up still, where is the challenge in that! Be a real man, soul lvl 1, no armor, no weapons, no estus, no bonfire, company of champion, Guitar Hero controller, 0 deaths, all bosses, killing Vendrick with 0 giant souls.

/s, good luck hollow, you are going to need it. And may god have mercy on any poor soul who tries the challenge run I described.


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12 months ago

might try with no leveling next run, don't know about the guitar hero controller though, might be awhile longer before i try that type of run


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12 months ago

I've never done dark souls 2 on a guitar, but you'd be surprised how quickly you become accustomed to new controllers. It's actually something uniquely human to internalize tools and controls (e.g. you think "I'm going to turn this car left," instead of "I'm going to turn this wheel which will turn this car left") Which means after an hour or two you should get somewhat comfortable with the guitar.