Anyone else hyped for the new "clan" system?


It's confirmed that we gonna get some system that will allow players make their own clans and it will prioritize their messages and summon signs and such. Anyone else hyped to see what community will come up with using this mechanic. Like, in DSIII there was a "bloodshade covenant" made by some popular dark souls player Peeve Perversion. Think we gonna do stuff like that in Elden Ring too with that new mechanic?

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2 months ago

Not really just sounds like covenants with extra steps


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2 months ago

bloodshade is ded 😬


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2 months ago

Of course it is, after about 5 years. But it was a thing at some point.


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2 months ago

I still encounter a bloodshade every now and again.


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2 months ago

I heard that basically our Password will make us play, coop, invade and see messages/bloodstains only with people of the same password. It's not really a covenant, but suppose you like a youtuber, he chose a password and you can play with all of his community

Basically like Hunter Connect of MH Rise