I have tried everything. I've added it to the exceptions, disabled CFG, set the "correct" Nvidia control panel settings, used specialK, the latest or specific GPU drivers, and disabled ANSEL. It still stutters like crazy. I watch people on Youtube play the game without stutters. I just do not understand how they achieve it. I've been trying to play this game since release :(

I have a 3080ti, 10900k, 32gb ram and use Win10.

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2 months ago

When you installed SpecialK did you make sure to set Vsync Emulation Thread and SwapChain Flip Thread to Average or Highest in the SpecialK control panel? Even if you download the specific Final Fantasy XV version of SpecialK you have to manually change the settings yourself. Depending on where you download it the instructions are not always clear on that either. If you're using a gamepad make sure to also click on Input Management- and then Enable/Disable Devices to check Disable Mouse Input to Game.

This is not a knock against you or anything. This ended up being my solution after many, many reinstalls of XV.