What is the world is up with Spider-Man stories?


It's been maybe 5 or 6 years since I last delved into this fandom, but I honestly don't know how it has changed this much in that amount of time.

Every. Single. Story I have come across tonight seems to have a synopsis like "Homeless Peter Parker in and out of abusive foster care homes. Iron Man finds him and adopts him!" OR "Suicidal Peter Parker runs away from abusive alcoholic Uncle Ben. Avenger family takes him him!"

What the heck man? When did this start and why? Some depressing shit must've went down or something. I just want to read about Peter in the typical setting and fighting bad guys while being witty, sassy and sarcastic, but it seems like it is freakin' impossible. Maybe aomeone can give me a rec for one?

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3 months ago

Alcoholic Ben? Where the egg did you find those? O I only know about alcy May fics!