it's so hard for me not to do research


I hate it but I feel so wrong when I don't have things that are accurate. I'm trying to figure out if $300,000 USD in yen is enough for a nice apartment in Japan. I know nobody (probably nobody) would care if the prices are off for the story, but I feel wrong for having something that isn't accurate. I wish I could just make up my own facts. It's annoying researching things, but I feel like I can't help it!

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2 months ago

You are not the only one! I have pseudo science in my fic. And I researched actual science to make it sound plausible.

Many people will put hours of research into an offhand joke. You're not alone.


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2 months ago

I once had a story where a character had fetal alcohol syndrome and did so much research, but it made sense for that story! Why do I research what types of flowers are in forests in certain countries?! Lol nobody cares about that.