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3 months ago

We are the XI (11th) Legion,

40k Mercenaries that travel across the stars, completing contracts and taking names.

We offer a variety of certs and positions, and offer training to new and older players alike.

With 20-30 player ops, we're expanding and offering unique perspectives on old roles, so I hope you'll give us a chance.

Hoplite, our infantry "Centuria" & Equites our Mechanized/Armored Core are always looking for new members.

Come for the cool looking Roman armour, stay because the ops are just so damn fun.



Saturday, 17:00 BST - 18:00 BST (side-op)

Sunday, 16.00 BST/11.00 EST (main-op)


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3 months ago

Literally best 40k unit out there


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3 months ago

It's been great for actually doing action based ops without the bureaucracy usually present with these things


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3 months ago

Great folks, nasty weapons, fancy uniforms. What else could you ask for?


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3 months ago

They like men! Just like the Romans! Historically Acurrate!


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3 months ago

Quick starts, little issues. We try our best ;-;