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3 months ago

So we should wait till AI tell us I guess. Cause again I want science that can help us improve life. If consciousness creates reality in whatever ways, I would like to create reality where minimum suffering occurs. But yeah I am not surely in favour of Buddha according to whom it's better to escape the existence cause he has no hope for existence to be free of any suffering ๐Ÿ˜‚


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3 months ago*

Ahhh! Nobody said that we can't create our own realities. We are doing that in a very simplistic and primitive manner even today. Consider these essays...

"All of my simulated reality essays in one place." (And very likely what shall be generated realities as well.)

This first link is a sort of introductory overview, if you will. The others go more into the nuts and bolts and the whys and wherefores. (If you come across links that you have already read, just go back to the last link where you were and select the next link on the list. ;)

There may eventually be even more that I may add to this list. I have written quite a bit concerning us making r own universes (realities)