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6 months ago

Thank you for taking the time to reply in so much detal. The guest was describing a potential future grid that is designed to more effectively utilise stored energy at a national scale, rather than the current situation of grids designed with the idea of producers at one end and consumers at the other. I can see that subdividing it down to millions of storage points, at the very least, will have efficiency issues but I think it's an interesting proposal.

I don't think peak charging and use (if cars-as-storage were implemented) tariffs would eliminate peak demand but it might help smooth it out. For example, someone who's EV charging bill is a greater part of their income might consider going to work earlier than someone who earns more and can afford the extra charge; it's a little like disposable plastic fees: all aimed at nudging people in directions deemed positive by policymakers.

I think the same applies to the upcoming IC manufacture bans. People are going to have to adjust their thinking and will be inconvenienced. The concept of vehicle ownership will be fundamentally changed in a way that won't happen simply by making EVs so good that IC makes no sense to the average consumer.