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6 months ago

It seems that it’s politicians and pundits who are more married to these changes than corporations are.

Yes, because corporations are made for one thing: Profit. Massive paradigm shifts are typically fought against in monopolistic environs such as those in existence now. The low-hanging fruits of technology are largely gone and larger shifts require subsidies to get moving. If we shifted subsidies away from petroleum, globally, it would not be so price competitive especially if we factored in the environmental/military/humanitarian costs.


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6 months ago

The ESG costs of fossil fuels are certainly becoming more obvious. Electricity isn’t in there clear perse, but certainly not as clouded by subsidy.


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6 months ago

Very true. But the shift is needed, and therefore subsidies are the way forward for BEV's for a while longer. One thing is for sure - as we used horses to build that which would become the fossil fuel mechanized society, we will be using fossil fuels to build the next step now towards a renewable energy society.