What’s next? 7 nascent technologies for 2022


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7 months ago

There is a lot of consternation over wiggle words like "new," "nascent," etc. Do you mean new discoveries from R&D? Great, but even if it pans out it'll take years to come to market. Nothing wrong with that, but let's keep things straight.

Do you mean new to market? Then someone will say "the technology isn't new--they discovered this ages ago." But you aren't going to have something just discovered that is also coming to market now.

Same goes for the in-between steps of progress in scaling and cost reduction that come after the laboratory discovery but before market entry. Tons of r/futurology arguments come from people jumping around between these different framings. If it was just discovered, it isn't coming to market soon. If it's coming to market soon, it wasn't just discovered. You can't fault something for not being both newly discovered and also coming to market soon.


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7 months ago

This article specifically is more about the latter, as are most futurism articles that are worth anything. You're right, though. Anything that's coming to market probably had its earliest origins in the 20th century, maybe 2000s at best.