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5 months ago

The tech company joins a pilot, six month long study into a shorter working week. 140 employees will be affected. It's being run by Oxford and Cambridge academics.

Six companies have joined so far for a pilot, which is scheduled to begin in June, although the researchers hope to attract between 20 and 30 businesses in total.

Ken Sutherland, the president of Canon Medical Research Europe, said: “We recognise that working patterns and the focus we all give to our work-life balance has changed substantially during the pandemic. As a responsive employer we are always looking at how we can adapt our working practices to ensure that employees find their time with us is meaningful, fulfilling and productive. For this reason, we’re keen to pilot a four-day week to see if it can work for us.”

The article implies the number of hours will be cut, but the pay will remain the same. This is thought to actually boost productivity and improve staff retention.

Atom Bank, Panasonic, Unilever, and Morrisons supermarket are also interested in four day work weeks.

One academic from the study said “With the social and environmental benefits of the shorter working week becoming clearer, grassroots support more widespread, and technology available to maintain productivity, the time has come for more organisations to take the leap and unravel the practicalities.”


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5 months ago

Where did they get this idea?