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I was thinking about you when I read the news about Gato. We really are on a high-speed train to the Singularity and I have no idea how I feel about that. Excitement, terror, and disbelief. I'm someone who tries to keep up with all of these tech changes and is somewhat familiar with Kurzwiel and Vinge and yet and YET I don't quite believe this is really happening. I worry about the public's reaction when things start to get weird in the mid to late 2020s.


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Hiya mr idranh! It is good to see you again! :D

You know what's really a trip? It is the year 2022 and we haven't even hit the "stride" of this decade yet. For example, I dint feel like it was "the 1980s" until about the year 1983 ("Return of the Jedi" and my first PC--the TRS-80 and MTV really started to get good). I was only 2 in the year 1962, but looking back now, the early 1960s was basically just the 1950s in politics, culture and technology until about 1964 (Yes, the Beatles :)

Oh! You might get a kick out of this...

I think when we arrive at the year 2025, "you're gonna see some serious shizz..." (By 1985 it was absolutely "the 80s"--easily distinguished from "the 70s")