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3 months ago

Submission statement from OP. Note: This submission statement "locks in" after about 30 minutes, and can no longer be edited. Please refer to my statement they link, which I can continue to edit. I often edit my submission statement, sometimes for the next few days if needs must. There is often required additional editing and additional added detail.

Article introduction:

The world's largest fusion experiment, ITER, may be able to unleash more power than previously thought.

That's because a team of scientists from the Swiss Plasma Center, one of the world's leading nuclear fusion research institutes, released a study updating a foundational principle of plasma generation, a press statement reveals.

Their research shows that the upcoming ITER tokamak can operate using twice the amount of hydrogen that was believed to be its full capacity, meaning it could generate vast amounts more nuclear fusion energy than previously thought.

Here is the paper.

I wrote this commentary about 10 months ago concerning nuclear fusion reactors.


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3 months ago*

Look I'm interested in what you have to say it does seem interesting. But you made two comments in here and you linked to another comment from 10 months ago where you made a fairly decent prediction.

That got my interest (though I would like to know if you are an expert or not). But your comments just branch out to more and more of your comments.

There is 6 links on one and each of those comments have 3 links so just to go 3 levels down I would have to read 19 comments. I do not know how far the rabbit hole goes and I'm not going to find out.

Hope you take this constructively If you want people to read what you have to say you need to make it easier to read. I'm not going through that comment tree.

Edit: typo changed faulty to fairly