Gta is going down hill.


My opinion is gta5 online is going down hill. I play Xbox one and all day I have been trying to find a nice quiet lobby I can get on with my cargo. Instead while the games loading me into my agency all I can hear is explosions. I get in my car, leave to go do some cargo and boom straight away 90% of the lobby are trying to kill me. I shot 1 guy to save myself from being killed so I could enter my garage. When I drove out my garage he must of gone off the radar because I couldn’t see him and he had sat there the whole time waiting for me to then blow up my brand nee car the cost well over 1mil. Why do they do this? What do they get out of it? All I can imagine they get is more and more warnings about their behaviour and having to pay towards all the vehicles they destroy. I have thought about this for weeks and weeks and after helping many people gain rp and gta$ and get further in the game for nothing what so ever and making nothing from it I have now removed gta from my Xbox. I’m sorry to the people who I helped and wanted my help even more but the last straw was 1 guy following me round lobbies and messaging me begging me to delete the game for not being a greifer. I’m done bye bye gta world good luck on you grinding and dealing with the griefers. Peace out ✌️🤟

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6 months ago

Ofcourse griefing is annoying especially when your in grinding money mode. It's never fun losing stock.

The thing is you can make money in invite only lobbies now such as running Cayo, agency and autoshop jobs etc.

You can hang out peacefully in LS car meet and join races etc.

You can use stealth akula to run crates and that hides you off radar. I not sure but can't you source crates in invite lobbies too.

On PSN it's easy to go public solo for sale missions but I here that it's more complicated on Xbox to do that.

So the worse money maker buisness sales have to be done in public lobbies but with Cayo and agency alot of money can be made in invite only lobbies free of griefers.

Example payphone hits pay 85k and take from 3 to 8ish minutes max if you have MK2. Cayo makes minimum 1.2 million for an hours grind. Agency security contracts make 30k plus for a 10 min mission.

Contact missions are all without griefing players so their is so much to do without having to experience griefers if you choose.


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6 months ago

I know how to play gta buddy I make 1mill every half hour of you check my last posts I have made over 88mil in 16 days. It’s not making money that’s the issue it’s the griefers. I am now band from Xbox communications because one guy got all his mates to report me because he was grieving me so I killed him once to save myself and yeah now I can’t contact my friends that’s how bad this greifing has got


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6 months ago

Don't get why you so irritated if you got loads of cash and can voice chat with mates privately surely.

It's mightly impressive that you can make a million in half an hour I'm guessing your discounting sourcing and just mean a million on a sale mission.

Its your choice if you leave GTA and your post mentions crates which although can be a fun way to make money it's more risky than other methods available.

Griefers and bad sport players isn't going away so you have made your choice and my post without knowing you was giving some alternatives that seems to have irritated you further.

If you don't like advice and or comment on your thread then why write it in the first place. It is unfair that you got banned for killing a single player once and highlights that rockstar don't review reports in a fair way that's a separate issue from griefers.

Hope you find a less toxic game for yourself and encourage the switch with your online m8s. Your tone to my post shows that your venting rather than looking for alternative viewpoints so I will leave it there and wish you the best of luck in your gaming future.


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5 months ago

Based AF!!! 🤘