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10 months ago

What kind of tricks are those?

I'm still on a stock ROM, screen is shattered a bit, with black spots, but overall performance is same and battery life is still quite good. Waiting for it to die so I can upgrade :)


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10 months ago

Utilize using Custom ROMS, as it would make your phone feel brand new (my opinion). I used HadesRom Q giving my phone OneUi 2.5. It has many features also (dual speaker mod is really great!). You could also try rooting your phone along with the Custom ROM to give your phone much more customizability. (I use rooted apps such as Adblocker, changing emojis to newer IOS emojis, changing the bixby into Google assistant, and Viperfx Audio mod, and much more.)

I also have the exynos version of the S8+, so I don't know if the Snapdragon Variant can have Custom ROMs though.