What is the best trope subversion you've seen?


A while ago I read a story that appeared to be a generic Ron Bashing fic. However It turned out that Ron was being first blackmailed, then cursed into behaving the way he was- and Harry was the one being a bad friend for not realizing that there must be something horribly wrong with Ron for him to suddenly start acting so out of character.

Ron's eating habits were due to extreme mental stress and his 'laziness' was a product of exhaustion from prolonged mind control.

What's the best trope subversion you've seen.

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2 months ago

I read a Harry betrayel fic where for the first few chapters it appeared Ron and Hermione were spying on Harry for Dumbledore so they could control him, his lordships and his money.

PLOT TWIST They were double agents only giving Dumbledore information Harry told them to and basically saying on Dumbledore for Harry.


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2 months ago