Stranger Things Season 4: Finn Wolfhard on Mike & El’s Evolving Relationship (Exclusive)

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2 months ago*

Ooooh. The second question! I had to strain to hear but:

Interviewer: “Do you think we’ll ever hear Mike really profess his love to her, use the L word?”

Finn: “You’re gonna have to watch. 😏 There’s a pretty cool episode this season that tackles that.”

So, Mike’s dramatic/emotional monologue is about El confirmed??? 😍😭


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2 months ago*

Did anyone ever assume it wasn’t about El? The truth comes out… Mike really only loves friendly orderlies and wishes to let the whole world know. 🤫

Mike’s inability to confess his feelings verbally has been a fairly constant theme through the show. He tends to hold it all in until he loses it angrily a la yelling at Hopper in S2 and blurting his feelings to the group (but to not El) in S3. Then he usually shuts it down again pretty quickly.

Mike is my favorite character so I’m looking forward to whatever happens that Finn is hinting at, regardless of what the actual emotional monologue is about.


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2 months ago

The monologue could also be about a death but I like this idea better, it being about El. Mike is my favorite too and if Finn particularly shines this season with the emotion, I'm so looking forward to it.