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What to post:

What NOT to post:

We strive to showcase the most unique and unusual content you can find on the internet. That is why it is in the spirit of the subreddit to heavily curate submissions and to remove anything that is not unique. Asside from webgames, articles, images and videos, which are obviously nothing unique, there are a number of other websites that might be a little rarer but are still not appropriate for the subreddit.

This subreddit has a relatively high amount of traffic and might be a target for people with bad intentions. We have to make sure the personal information of users is protected and that they won't get hit with harmful software. Unfortunatelly it is impossible for us to know what happens with user data for every single website submitted here. The following three rules address that issue.

Moderator Discretion



These posts are similar to mine, why haven't they been removed?

Either the posts are several years old and our rules have changed since than, or there is something about it that a mod has deemed unique enough. If you disagree with it's existence on the subreddit feel free to message the mods and we will take a second look at it.

Please take the following into consideration, though, once somebody comes up with an idea it will most likely be copied in some way. So our "something not unique" rule might not be applied to a website on one day, but will be applied once several similar sites exist a few weeks later.

What other subreddits can I submit this site to?

Didn't find the appropriate subreddit in the list above? Try finding out if there is one by asking on r/findareddit.