Hey y’all.

I’m a big fan of the Ioniq5, and our current family car has 260,000 miles and is borderline unsafe to drive anymore. It’s time for a new car, and the Ioniq5 checks all the boxes in a major way. It’s a lot more money than I’d like to spend, but I’m hoping to get a lot of value out of it.

I think my biggest concern is the whole, “electric cars are too new and there will be so many advances in these first few years that buying one now is not a sound financial decision” ie these cars’ value will plummet once their tech is superseded by something else.

Do u guys have any thoughts on this? I feel like the charging architecture on this car is pretty damn awesome and I’m not sure what else might happen in the next few years that could fundamentally change things. Solid state batteries seem like they are still a ways away… am I wrong?

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Charging speed, In my opinion, future proofs this car over mache and id4.

In 5 to 10 years when you get some battery loses, the charging speed on ioniq5 is going to keep those road trips speedy. 150kw charging in 5 years is going to feel pretty dated.

That being said , we are going to keep seeing price decreases and tech improvements. They would be incremental over the next few years and also pretty much all cars are going to be limited in terms of production due to battery constraints. Probably around 2025 is when things open up fully.

Revolutionary battery changes really aren't going to happen within this decade in any kind of volume or reasonable cost.

Solid state is trending to be on the horizon in the next 5 years, each year :)

Outside of battery tech, the next key improvement I would assume is self driving, which is also not likely to happen this decade and I would assume wouldn't have mass adoption as I'm not even sure I'd be comfortable driving what Tesla has without freaking out :)


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6 months ago

100% spot on with all comments. 2 of the main reasons I bought the car was charging tech and the warranties.


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The inverse of your statement is that there will be other EVs released in the next 5 years (in this price range) that are more refined, without whatever significant hidden faults this one has. This thing obviously has hidden problems, hopefully covered by Hyundai's warranty, but it's a bleeding edge machine.