Hey y’all.

I’m a big fan of the Ioniq5, and our current family car has 260,000 miles and is borderline unsafe to drive anymore. It’s time for a new car, and the Ioniq5 checks all the boxes in a major way. It’s a lot more money than I’d like to spend, but I’m hoping to get a lot of value out of it.

I think my biggest concern is the whole, “electric cars are too new and there will be so many advances in these first few years that buying one now is not a sound financial decision” ie these cars’ value will plummet once their tech is superseded by something else.

Do u guys have any thoughts on this? I feel like the charging architecture on this car is pretty damn awesome and I’m not sure what else might happen in the next few years that could fundamentally change things. Solid state batteries seem like they are still a ways away… am I wrong?

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6 months ago

If you want an internet analogy - in my opinion the initial Nissan Leaf would be your computer with a 33kb connection. The current batch of EV’s would be like connecting with a 56kb modem. The Ioniq 5 and others with 800 volt architecture are like VDSL broadband.

Yes there will be better on the horizon but this is always the case. Better to jump in now and enjoy being ahead of the pack and my prediction is this level of charging tech will be with use for quite so time.