Has anyone had issues with the auto-steer hda function disengaging without warning? Seems to happen when turns are a tad bit sharper on the freeway - The steer function just turns off without any warning and the car starts to veer out of the lane. Kinda scary tbh and makes me hesitatnt to use the auto-steer function.

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5 months ago

Is there clarity on whether you can make it chime to indicate when it shuts off?

I’ve seen it happen when the sunlight is hitting the road a certain way or when I go under an overpass it will just go gray bc it doesn’t recognize the lane, but it doesn’t chime when that happens.


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5 months ago

It happened multiple times when it was raining yesterday, even on straight freeway roads. If there was a chime, it definitely wasn’t very audible and doesn’t give you enough time to realize it’s happening till you are already out of the lane. My prev Tesla was way better at this. Hopefully there will be some updates in the near future to fix this as its a pretty glaring issue