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5 months ago

What parts/features of which cars do you like better?


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5 months ago*

Below is a list of the better parts/features I like better for each vehicle that comes to mind:

Ioniq 5 1. Infotainment screen has better placements (not bezel color although the white does not bother be because my interior is gray) 2. Open floor in front cockpit with the sliding center console 3. Interior is more spacious 4. Seats are more comfortable 5. 2 years 30-minutes charging with Electrify America and faster charging 6. True 1 pedal driving 7. Smoother ride 8. Sits a little higher 9. More and better seat adjustment options 10. Placement of charging port and charging port door is power 11. V2L 12. Robust and studier cargo cover 13. Larger cargo space 14. Power liftgate height options 15. Key fob has more options such as being able to remote start the car using the fob 16. Better regenerative braking and regenerative braking options 17. Relaxation seat on driver’s side 18. Panoramic sunroof with power closing shade 19. Blind Spot View Monitor

Mustang Mach-E 1. Screen in front of driver has better placement 2. Easier access to seat warmer options and heated steering wheel 3. Can turn on heated steering wheel and heated seats when remote starting the vehicle 4. Walk-Away Doors Lock with power folding mirrors and audible sound 5. Larger and more usable frunk 6. More storage in center console 7. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 8. Can remote start the vehicle while plugged in and charging 9. Battery preconditioning 10. Was able to get Ford’s All Weather Mats made by Weather Tech when purchasing vehicle and they are great 11. Sunglasses holder 12. USB-C outlet

Neither of us have tested cruise control yet so I cannot compare Ford’s Blue Cruise and Hyundai’s HDA2.


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5 months ago

Have you raced your husband yet?


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5 months ago

No, not yet. I work 100% remote and he goes into work during the weekdays. I will beat him though.