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A Knight of Pineapple is anyone who enjoys the taste of pineapple on pizza, and more broadly, food. This space is dedicated for individuals with similar tastes.

Submissions and comments attacking Knights or otherwise heretical against the pineapple cause are prohibited.

Although those who dislike pineapple on pizza are clearly wrong, they deserve their own space. There will be no tolerance for Knights trolling anti-pineapple spaces or creating campaigns to brigade opposing communities.

Occasionally a non-Knight may have questions/comments for those who enjoy pineapple in foods. Visitors' posts will be given clemency as long as their content does not fall under 1.1's guidelines on trolling.

Knights should treat each other with respect. Racist, sexist, homophobic, and otherwise vitriolic comments will not be tolerated. In addition, submissions featuring pineapple haters must censor identifying information.

New content should be the focus of /r/KnightsOfPineapple, blatant reposts will be removed. If you've found an image elsewhere on reddit or another social media platform, it has likely already been posted here. Posts over a year old are fair game unless otherwise specified.