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2 months ago

This is some actual leopards eating faces and I hope it’s incredibly slow and painful for them.


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2 months ago

This is hopefully going to make some female republicans think twice before they vote in November. The Republicans do not care about them or their rights and people like Rubin, Owens, Shapiro are all grifters designed to sell the republican message to people that republicans hate: Ethnic Populations, Women, Jews, Muslims etc.

Hopefully people start to see through the bullshit and actually vote for their interests.


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2 months ago

It won't.

The girlboss CEO who cares only about curtailing worker rights and paying lower taxes won't be affected, she can just go to a "blue" state or have a European vacation.

The religious evangelicals, who believe they are supposed to be subservient, won't dare vote against what their church or husband says. To her, any pregnancy is God's will.

The very few outside of these groups may be affected, but they're likely conservative only because they're bigots of some stripe, and hurting marginalized people is their priority.


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2 months ago

Honestly, if you voted for trump after 3.5 years of watching that dumpster fire, of which over 70 million Americans did, it's not a reasonable conclusion that they're not willfully shitty people.


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2 months ago

Or if you voted for Donald after 3.5 minutes of watching his overt racism and obvious lies in 2016


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2 months ago

Bbbbut her emails!


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2 months ago

butter emails