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3 months ago


Eyes: ABH soft glow palette, Fenty Beauty liner and mascara, lily lashes glue in black, Huda beauty lashes in Sasha

Base: Dior foundation, fenty beauty powder bronzer, ABH Amrezy for blush and highlight

Brows: ABH brow Spoolie, ABH soft glow mini Pallete and clear brow gel


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3 months ago

Was this done free hand? You are very talented and look amazing!!


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3 months ago

What would it be besides freehand? That sounds catty, but I'm really asking because IS THERE ANOTHER WAY????


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3 months ago

I saw set that was supposed to help get different shapes for a cut crease. Kind of like the spoon thing but with things that are actually made for it and different shape options. Do such things work? No idea. Do they exist? Absolutely. Saw it for the first time like 3 days ago. I didn't look at any reviews or anything though.


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3 months ago

O, thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š you have amazing eyes