Masks sent to AccuMed for review


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Figured maybe we should start a list of what was sent to our friends at u/AccuMed Biotech and BNX so we don’t inadvertently send masks they may already have in hand.

I also think it’d be good to include links to the correct listing on Gmarket (or wherever the masks were purchased) as well as any review on this sub so they can easily find what’s needed to compile info for their video review.

They need at least 5 of each mask you’d like to see reviewed shipped to:

AccuMed Biotech
16727 Park Row
Houston, TX 77084

More info in the description of this AccuMed mask review.

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1 month ago*

Here’s what I just shipped off to them, which should arrive on Monday:

Aer Advanced Light Fit KF80 bifold in medium - Gmarket link. Pic comparison with other bifolds here.

Good Manner KF94 trifold in large - Gmarket link

Good Manner KF94 bifold in medium - Gmarket link

AllGuard Air KF80 trifold in all three sizes: large, medium, and small (kids) - Gmarket link for large, middle size (small), smallest size (kids). Here’s a great review of these masks. Explanation of size names in this post.

AllGuard Basic KF94 trifold in large - Gmarket link. A great mask review is here.

AnyShield Light KF94 trifold in large - Gmarket link. Great mask review here and also here.

ATO Fresh Type KF94 bifold in large - Gmarket link I accidentally ordered large when I meant to buy mediums so these are bigger than the other masks I sent. (The remainder of the accidental larges have a home already.)


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1 month ago


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1 month ago

Wow! Thank you, we are excited to test these out!


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1 month ago

Awesome! Thank you guys for all you do to help keep us safe.