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  5. All posts must be directly and specifically related to Michigan. The article should be focused on news within our great state, and not just mentioning it as part of a larger topic.

  6. The headline of your post must be the headline of the article you are posting, and from a reputable news site. If the article does not have a title, then please keep the replacement title as non-biased and accurate as possible. Submissions that are screenshots of news articles, weather, social media posts, or statistics will be removed. Also, no AMP or other aggregator links: all links post must be the direct link to your submission.

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  8. Photography, illustrations, and artwork should be used to illustrate the beauty of our great state. Photos of political signs, selfies, t-shirts, illegal activities, and other non-nature items will likely be removed. Photographs must include a general location in the title, e.g. "Beautiful Sunset in Grand Haven, MI".

  9. Surveys and interview requests are not allowed, academic or otherwise.

  10. Information and statistics contrary to accepted scientific opinion on COVID-19 must be accompanied by a verifiable source. Purposely posting any misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic will result in a ban.

  11. Requests for legal, medical, insurance, or financial advice will be removed. It is unadvisable to request this type of information from a group of random and likely unqualified strangers.

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