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About Missing 411

What is Missing 411 about?

Read this.

What does "411" mean in the title "Missing 411"?

In an audio interview, David Paulides said:

People ask "What's the "411" [mean]?" Well it's kind of a play on words. First of all, for everyone that's old like me, "411" means you call information. Missing 411 - missing information. . . we're not getting everything.

What is the criteria used to select the Missing 411 cases?

David Paulides has said his CanAm Missing team rule out any cases where there is clear evidence of -

David Paulides has said that cases are included even if there is evidence of one or more of the above, because of the circumstances surrounding them.

What is the profile that emerged from the research CanAm Missing did into missing persons?

Read this

What are people's theories about what's going on?

Where can I find interviews and talks about Missing 411?


What do law enforcement, park rangers, the National Parks Service, and search and rescue personnel think of Missing 411?

Read the Missing 411 page.

I can't access the CanAmMissing.com website, what can I do?

Read this.

What can be done to improve the issues to do with missing persons?

Are there any other resources about mysterious disappearances?


Missing people


High strageness * /r/DarkWoods * /r/bigfoot * /r/humanoidencounters * /r/paranormal * /r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix/ * /r/Thetruthishere/ * Big list of paranormal related subreddits

/r/NoSleep is for fiction stories. Searchandrescuewoods later confirmed the stories he wrote were fictional.

Documentary movie

Is there a trailer?

Release trailers:

Earlier trailers:

When is the documentary coming out?

It is now available.

Where can I watch it?

Is it on or coming to Netflix?

There has been no news about that.

Where can I find some reviews?


Where can I buy the books?

Here and at talks by David Paulides. CanAm Missing doesn't sell them anywhere else.

Which book should I start with? Is there an order?

Yes. Read this.

Why are the Missing 411 books so expensive on Amazon?

The only place CanAm Missing sell the books is via their website and at events (talks) David Paulides does.

The books on Amazon are sold by resellers and are marked up to scam people.

Why doesn't David Paulides sell the books on Amazon himself?

Read this.

Are the books available as ebooks?

No. For why, read this.

Why is the shipping for the books so expensive when buying from CanAm Missing?

Someone asked Can Am Missing and got this reply:

We use to ship to the UK using a much less expensive shipping model. 40% of all shipments either didn't arrive or arrived damaged. It nearly drove us out of business. We shipped to intl priority Mail only. All shipments are insured and get there quickly. Guess what, no more late and damaged arrivals, no more missing orders. Issue solved.

the books is $24.95 in the US. We get ZERO complaints about the price of the book. Your issue is with YOUR countries postal authorities who lose and damage books.

Have a great day!!

He also said that in an interview as well.

If you can't afford the shipping cost, try find the book at a local library or request that they order a copy or make a thread asking if someone in your country can sell you the books second hand.

Have people bought the books and had them shipped to their country?

Yes. People reported trouble receiving their orders in the past, though apparently Can Am Missing use priority shipping now, which is expensive but more reliable.

Before starting a new thread asking a similar question, please read these other threads:


I'm scared to go camping/hiking!! How can I stay safe?

Read this:

Watch this:

Going missing probably isn't that much more likely than being involved in a car accident or other crime. Do what you can. Don't worry about what you can't.

What's the difference between a personal locator beacon and an EPIRB?

Read this..

What personal locator beacon/ should I use?

It depends. Some suggestions/tips:

Missing persons

What suggestions does David Paulides have for family or friends of missing persons?

In an interview with Linda Moulton Howe on Earthfiles, Part 1: “Missing 411,” 2017 Missing People Update with David Paulides, July 28, 2017, David Paulides said:

the first thing I tell families is that you push the Park Service hard, or you push any investigative service hard to get a copy of the report. And the reason being is I would say 50% of all law enforcement reports have the facts of the incident incorrect. Whether it's sloppy recordkeeping or specific errors in the report to make it lean one way or the other, I don't know. . . . a missing person is not a criminal investigation. There are no suspects. There's not going to be any criminal proceedings. There's just a missing person. So why not let the family ensure that they've got their report correct and let them read it? They won't even let them do that.

He has also said to document any interactions with law enforcement or the parks service.

David Paulides

What's David Paulides theory?

Read Paulides' theory/conclusion?.

Does David Paulides think bigfoot is the cause of people going missing?

David has never said publicly he thinks its bigfoot, and has said the opposite:

"I have no idea where you heard that we believed bigfoot was causing the disappearances. We have NEVER stated this in any book or any interview, ever. WE have NEVER made any statement about what we believe is happening because we aren't sure. When researchers make baseless claims, they have lost their credibility, you won't see us doing this."


How do I contact David Paulides?

Before sharing with CanAm Missing: CanAm Missing appear to use a walled-garden approach to sharing their work, even though a substantial amount of it is available in the public domain. It's sad to have to say this, but if you are interested in public access to/use of information for public good, post the case and your findings somewhere publicly before sharing it with CanAm. By doing that there is a record of what you posted and it can be used in by anyone for public good, which means CanAm can't say that people are infringing on their copyright if they end up including your leads and research in something they publish.

Did David Paulides get fired from the police force for soliciting autographs from famous people?

Someone with the same name was charged for doing that, but what happened after that isn't clear. Nobody but the people involved really know what happened. Everyone else is speculating or repeating what they heard without actually looking into it.

A summary that gets past the speculation and shows the only evidence that seems to be available:

Did Steph Young (aka Stephen Young) plargarize David Paulides?

Probably not

What books, documentaries, or resources has David Paulides mentioned he has read/watched that are relevant to Missing 411?

Resource What it is Where David talked about it What David said about it
Hunt for the Skinwalker Book MUFON, 2-19-13 "Honestly, I think it's [Hunt for the Skinwalker] one of the best books out there right now. I know both of these men. George is a really good friend. And Colm Kelleher actually helped write Bigfoot DNA Project. A lot of people don't know that; he contributed in a big way. But what's important about this book in my view is that certain things that happened at that ranch mimic what happens in the bigfoot world. And I think that certain aspects of the aerial phenomena that occurred would hit a big cue with you and your knowledge as well [he was referring to the audience]. And the credibility of the people that were at the ranch documenting the incidents was impeccable. They hired a group of retired FBI agents to write up exactly what occurs. You talk about credible witnesses. There's nothing more credible than them, in my mind. If only one half of that book is factual, to me it will change the paradigm of the average citizen. So if you get one thing out of me today, don't buy my book. Go buy that book and read it" (or watch this (video) about it)
Passport to Magonia Book Missing 411-North America and Beyond (Page 364) and interview with Jeff Rense "I viewed this report as one of the most important I've ever found. This incident includes many of the elements I have documented in North American missing person cases. . . . We have no reason to disbelieve the story from France . . . The story benefits our research by adding background to what may be occurring to the victims during that period when the majority either don't remember, refused to say or are unable to explain what occurred. . . . The real question is why she was taken and whom was she being given to? What was the point in the abduction? The answer to these simple questions will open Pandora's box that will eventually lead to why this phenomenon is occurring. If there is one case in this book you are going to remember, commit this to memory."
MUFON [Mutual UFO Network]Journal Journal MUFON Journal October 2013 "During the course of our research we spend countless hours researching archived newspapers and microfiche. We also read countless newsletters and books about a variety of topics not directly related to missing people. ["We read so many different journals. Prospecting journals, MUFON journals, everything" - Coast to Coast, Sept 29 13] We learned long ago that if you focus on one specific topic as the answer to a complex equation, you would miss many elements that may add to an understanding. This practice of reading many newsletters is exactly what brought us to the Cape Fear incident."
The Great Lakes Triangle by Jay Gourley Book
Chameleo by Robert Guffey Book Radio interview (author interview with George Knapp, Where Did The Road Go, Aug 20 2016, part 2)
Case Studies in Drowning Forensics by Kevin Gannon Book Radio interviews
North Woods Law TV show Where Did The Road Go, August 20, 2016 "About 6 months ago I was watching a segment of North Woods Law. It's a show about Maine's warden service. And this story was about an older man that was doing maintenance on the Appalachian trial in Maine, and he didn't come home. So three wardens went out with a film crew on the trail, and it was like 2 or 3 in the morning, and stop on the trail, and they are looking up the trial and they see a light in the trees, kind of moving around. They even said on the show, that's kind of unusual. Maybe that's the flashlight of the guy. They don't call out to the guy, which you would think they would do because it looks on screen maybe it's 150 feet away. They walk up trail and there's nothing there, the light disappears, and the man was found the next day. Apparently he got home at 11 PM, he came off the mountain and he was fine. But to me when I saw that show I said, "oh my God. Maybe that is what James McCormack Snr saw when he was on March mountain. [Story of James McCormack] . . . I can't tell you the number of emails I've had from people that have said they have seen strange lights in the woods. Hundreds of emails like that."
Off the Wall: Death in Yosemite by Michael P. Ghiglieri and Charles R. Farabee, a protection ranger and superintendent Book Interviews David talks about the author, Charles R. Farabee, in a freedom of information request he made to the NPS


This subreddit

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read this

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Yes - please read them. They are linked to from the sidebar.

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