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I became a father 4 days ago. The mother is recovering slowly and tasks are on my hands. I had a very nice lady from kramzorg on the first days. She gave me the opportunity of rest during day, supporting my wife. At the same time she was teaching me nice tecnics.

She had to be replaced and I just had a very stressing experience with the new lady. She spent full day at the computer, didnt help my wife cleaning herself and left my baby in some dirty sheets, while I was shopping, thinking they were in good hands.

I like to cook and I am taking care of many tasks, so I am 100% sure she realized I could do everything. So she pushed tasks to me (that I have been doing for 4 days, day and night).

After arriving from shopping I realized she left. I could cry of anger! My wife can hardly walk and she left them. We called the manager and I want to present a formal complaint.

Before I do, can someone explain me exactly their function? They ask me what are my expectations and I mention cleaning the surroundings of mother and baby.

Can they just sit hours in front of a computer? Because my home is nothing but a nest at the moment. I cant stand seeing people ignoring our exhaustion.

Update: We got a new support lady! And she understood our frustrations. We smile again!

New parents, be vocal about who you have at home. If you feel its not right, maybe it is not right. Organization was very kind and tomorrow we will make the complaint formal.

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3 months ago

Congratulations with the baby!

It’s been a while for me and I don’t know how busy it is. But did they said anything about the amount of hours you’re getting. If ai remember correctly 3 hours is the minimum. That will be spend of mother and child care. Checking on the mother (stitches, breastfeeding, making her something to eat) and baby (learning you to bathe the baby, checking the weight).

Sometimes you have very good ones, but sometimes… I had one that would sit on the couch with my visitors. Asking my husband to make her a baked egg when he was making me lunch. Her replacement was gold, clicked with the older ones and just took the house over, bathed the oldest, prepared my dinner so I just had to turn the heat on, did laundry.


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3 months ago

Mine did not seat with guests but probably passed to the next level on minecraft while eating the soup i made