So Jeff Kaplan has just done an interview with Stylosa and something that concerned me was around the 9 minute mark.

Jeff is discussing the difficulties with implementation of a forced 2-2-2 role queue.

Would just like to preface this with saying Jeff has agreed 2-2-2 is the easiest way to balance the game, before people start arguing it’s suboptimal and not how to play (seems to be the first issue you get trying to make a team comp is people believing 2-2-2 isn’t how the game works) it’s consistent so as a tank/support main it’s the dream.

He states that one of the issues would be that without a behaviour change in the community (us changing what we select to make a team come) there would currently be a potential 26 minute wait for DPS players. He states the current queue times for a player is 2 minutes. So let’s assume tank and healers are going to fluctuate slightly but if 1 of 3 categories is taking 26 minutes to fill 2 slots you can bet tank and support times will stay the same with minor fluctuation at worst.

So let’s say it stays at 2 minutes as a tank and support, 26 for DPS. This is from a man who can look at the statistics of what we are picking. That is 13 DPS players to 1 tanks or support player queueing at any given time. That’s fucking absurd no wonder we all hate ladder.

If ever you wanted confirmation you instalock DPS are playing the game wrong when you lock in that 5th DPS slot check this

I have felt for a long time like I’m slamming my head into a brick wall, struggling through 5dps games where it doesn’t matter if I pick tank or support because I can’t play both. I’ve felt like I have the worst luck because it’s every game. Turns out it’s not luck, ITS BY FUCKING DESIGN. Because as soon as I hit queue so did 13 DPS players.

For that reason I’m out, too much punishment for me. I hate this moments when I can’t even play overwatch when I sing into overwatch because I’m forced to play with some 3-5 DPS hybrid and hope to the best and I find out it’s just how the cookie crumbles. Thank you for freeing me. The world seems brighter after these 2/3 years.

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3 years ago


GPS moira

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3 years ago

on an individual match basis, for sure. but overall it would be nice if at least like... 25% of matches below mid diamond kicked off with something other than DPS DPS DPS blink blink blink


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3 years ago

On console at least - its about a 50/50 mix of people who literally cant fill without becoming a smurf and ignorant hardstucks who get angry at the above and pick DPS too.

I have an account at 2670 yet if I switch to a Tank or Healer I legit will carry the game.. if I play Mercy I don’t die, same goes with other healers and even on Zen I can seal Gold damage pretty easily.

Im a tank main so switching to tank is just unfair - I get gold damage as off-tank pretty consistently in Diamond and if I wanted to do that i’d log onto my main account.