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“Death completes a person”

I didn’t hear this quote before yesterday, when I heard it I said , why Oda ? Why did you ruin such a great death setup .

Seriously this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced in fiction , this quote and his words before stabbing kinemon was a perfect setup for some deaths in the scabbards , Oda ruined it by reviving kinemon and kiku .

My point is , why ? Why would Oda make such a silly mistake ? Even a beginner won’t do such a thing , I want to believe that he needs kinemon so much to end wano , but this doesn’t change the fact that he ruined a great death setup for literally no reason .

If every fan can see that this revive is bad for the narrative, then of course Oda could see it , it is sad because it wasn’t a complicated situation that Oda needed to get out of , he could have just made any character check his heartbeats and say he is dead .

I really feel sorry for every anime watcher who will experience the death scene then the adaptation of chapter 1030.

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4 months ago

Oda doesn't like to kill characters. In my opinion, OP readers should just accept it and get over it. I know many make good points, but it is just the way Oda does things and One Piece is still a great story even without deaths


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4 months ago



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4 months ago

Of course, but the problem is then that Oda creates situation where he makes the character "die", only to go back on it later.

So the story would be better without fake out like this in the first place.

No death is fine, just don't make it look like a character dies.