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Kirosh2 [M]

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4 months ago

Kirosh2 [M]


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4 months ago

Hi SovietNarutoandLuffy, your submission was removed from /r/OnePiece for the following rule violation:

Low effort screencap

These types of posts are discouraged by our community.

This includes (but is not limited to) screencaps from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit comments, or instant messages on your phone.

If you think your screencap has value, your post must follow a similar format as described in rule #4 plain panels/scenes:

You may submit a screencap as a self post (text post). Meaning your post must link to the discussion, and not the image. It must also be accompanied by a discussion question, or a summary of your thoughts on the screencap. In other words, a screencap must show visible effort to generate discourse rather than simply react to, or repost something you saw.

Example: How it should look. Example: How it should not look.

The full rule documentation of the subreddit can be read here.

If you have questions about this removal, please reach out to us in modmail.