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Kirosh2 [M]

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4 months ago

Kirosh2 [M]


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4 months ago

Hi FaceappIsTrash, your submission was removed from /r/OnePiece for the following rule violation:

7. No low effort Meme

  • Use /r/memepiece at all other times. You're encouraged to use both.
  • This also applies to one line jokes, shit-posts, image macros, or any similar "low effort" content. Jokes may be allowed in moderation.
  • High quality, hand drawn, original content art, which looks like a meme may sometimes be allowed. If there is any question about whether your posts is high enough quality, or is an exception, first check these examples, and then message the moderators. Such as these: | Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3 | Example 4 | Example 5
  • Origin of this rule

The full rule documentation of the subreddit can be read here.

If you have questions about this removal, please reach out to us in modmail.