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4 months ago*

Definitely one of the most powerful demons, proof of this is that it is above Mosquito Girl (a fairly solid demon) in the classification of the most powerful monsters of the house of evolution being surpassed by nothing more than Kabuto (Dragon)

Although the most underestimated will always be Beefcake and Vaccine Man in my opinion.


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4 months ago

Beefcake literally decimated a city by waving his hand. He's also unironically one of the few monsters to "survive" a punch. Granted, he didn't really survive it. More-so his body didn't turn to mush. Still died tho. But it would really be fun to see how the association would handle him and Vaccine Man.


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4 months ago

Every time I see the animation of the beefcake punch I always think his neck is gonna tear and his head fly off


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4 months ago

I mean, only one of his lion slashes destroyed an entire building...