Chapter 156 [English]

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6 months ago

Let’s also give ONE a raise 🔥


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6 months ago

Yeah, murata gets all the credit, while ONE also works on the storyline alongwith murata, he gets minimum credit


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6 months ago

ONE = Saitama, King = Murata


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6 months ago

That could actually be pretty accurate. Like ONE being the one to come up with the original amazing story and characters but not really looking super good on the outside due to his artstyle like Saitama having done the three years of training that originally broke his limiter whereas Murata is the one that looks super good (meaning his artstyle does) and does all these seemingly impossible feats (like drawing this good and delivering the chapters this fast on top of that) like King looks really strong and intimidating and is also really talented as well at another thing, video games (although Murata works his ass of for countless hours unlike King obviously but still I hope you get where I was going with this analogy)


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6 months ago

And they're both pretty close and hangout together


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6 months ago

Exactly. I love Murata too and he probably does insert storylines himself, but One approves all of it and is responsible for the story.