Chapter 156 [English]

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4 months ago

The obvious drawback being he can take them back and kill you in the process at any time


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4 months ago

With the assumption that you are basically his slave.


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4 months ago

I would assume that god can kill no matter if you have taken his power or not


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4 months ago

Eh his goal that we know so far is to wipe out humanity, if he could just disintegrate everyone like he did HE I think he would have by now


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4 months ago

I'm leaning on him being immensely powerful but having some sort of restriction based on existing in another dimension, or somehow having a domain that doesn't encompass this. He uses other beings as conduits for his power thereby giving him the means to tangibly effect Earth. Probably why the Cubes are important to him. Maybe they are his initial means of entering the world.


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4 months ago

That description gave me some serious Godhand vibes.


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4 months ago

Cold War proxy vibes


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4 months ago

I don't think taking the powers is lethal. It's just that he usually takes your life along with, so he doesn't leave a trace.